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I love my [new] job!!

Do you enjoy your work? So what do you like about it?

Maybe you’re loving your new job. Maybe you know someone who’s getting on brilliantly in their work and enjoying every minute of it even during these straitened times. ¬†We spend roughly one third of the hours of our days in work. Enjoying work and performing well on the job go together. So we’re interested in hearing about those midlanders who are star performers in their ordinary day-to-day jobs. Not celebrities maybe but heroes on the job in their own right.

Maybe it’s someone who serves you in your local coffee shop everyday or the nurse who goes the extra mile while looking after your elderly relative. Or the forklift driver at work who takes safety seriously but still manages to get through more pallets per day than anyone else. ¬†Please put them in touch with us or drop us an email on where we can catch up with them

PS. best of luck to Offaly hero Shane in the Shell Houston Open this weekend


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