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Jobs for Mullingar

Congratulations to Pat Whelan, John Humphries and all at Mullingar Chamber of Commerce for their work leading up to this announcement. I’m delighted for them.

Tom Griffith





Jobs For Mullingar

By MULLINGAR CHAMBER | Published: MARCH 27, 2013

Mullingar Chamber of Commerce are delighted to announce

  • The IDA have agreed and approved terms and conditions to the lease of the building (decision was made on the 25th March)
  • The company to occupy the building have many years experience in BPO and are specialists in IT services having headed up projects, as well as outsourcing for some of the biggest organisations in Ireland. They have in the last few months located to the Chambers offices in Mullingar while working on this project. My desire for my Presidency of the Chamber in 2012/13 was local job creation and hence the incubation of this business.
  • They are in talks with recognised national, as well as international organisations, looking to outsource services but at this time no names can be confirmed
  • The principles of the company  have ties to the midlands, and understand that job creation would be a massive boost to the area. They are looking to create up to 200 jobs up to 2 years but their long term forecast is of 1,500-2,000 across the midlands within 10 years
  • Mullingar Chamber of Commerce have been working closely with the IDA for over a year while attempting to raise the profile of Mullingar as a serious destination for business, with the objective of attracting business not only to Mullingar but across the Midlands area.
  • Last year Mullingar Chamber joined forces with Westmeath Community Development in developing a call centre management course which ran from October to December, 2012. There is another course starting in April with the Department of Social Protection involved, places are already booked out. The course delivers 3 Fetac level accredited modules delivering skills in communications, contact centre support skills, consultative selling as well as IT skills and database training.
  • This course plus the course that was ran in October, 2012 shows the commitment to success of this project from Westmeath Community Development and the Department of Social Protection


There has been a lot of help and support from the Westmeath County Manager and also the elected TD’s who have been aware of the project since the beginning of January.




Pat Whelan

President of Mullingar Chamber of Commerce

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