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Mullingar e-Working Centre

Are you commuting long distances and would like to work closer to home? Westmeath County Council has provided remote working facilities in the historic Governor’s House, adjacent to the Council Offices on Mount Street, Mullingar. Comfortable work space is available with both Wi-Fi and plug-in broadband provided.  The e-Working Centre is suitable for both employees or for owners of small or start-up enterprises, who need a quiet work space.

Benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Less distractions

The e-Working Centre is situated in a convenient town centre location in the heart of Mullingar. Business advice and support is available from the Local Enterprise Office in the nearby Council Offices. With meeting rooms, canteen and printing facilities available, the Mullingar-Working Centre offers an alternative to commuting or working from home.

For further details contact:

The Local Enterprise Office
Westmeath County Council
Áras an Chontae
Mount Street
Phone: 044 9338945

More details here: Development/E-Working-Centres-in-Westmeath/

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#LocalElections #MullingarChamber #ElectionDebate #CandidateDebate #MullingarEast #MullingarWest #WestmeathCoCo

This is real local democracy in action. We know that in fact “all” politics is local. Anyone interested in how their local representatives will perform on business and “employment” issues should attend before they cast their vote on Friday 23rd May. Congratulations to Pat Whelan, Mullingar Chamber President for arranging this on behalf of the Chamber’s members and it must be said, fair play to the candidates for agreeing to take part. Open to the public. Click pic to enlarge, or click here to go to Chamber Website

Election Debate

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Survive & Deal with Redundancy – Seminar in Tullamore Thursday 18th June

Offaly County Enterprise Board are organising an evening Seminar for those who have been made redundant or who are seeking to identify new career opportunities.

The event takes place in the Tullamore Court Hotel on Thursday 18th June starting at 4:00pm running until 6:30. Registration from 3:45pm. The event will be followed by an exhibition. For more details about the event see the Offaly County Enterprise Board website – click here

This event is free of charge but prior registration is essential. To see more information about the guest speaker, see this link



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The Phenomenon

After the much trumpeted Christmas success of the online shopping website, even the most ardently techno-phobic business owner would now have to concede that love it or hate it, the online market is here to stay. Especially in retail.




And little wonder really. Many of us aren’t the least bit surprised. If a business process can be simplified, made more efficient, reliable and more cost effective to boot, it only stands to reason that it should be the massive success that Play, Ryanair and other sites have become and deserve to be. Yet “online” remains a hard sell, with many local companies preferring to stick to what they know, even if their competitors are moving with the times and profiting handsomely as a result. The number of small local companies without even as much as a company web page remains astonishing.


Any local manager considering moving some of their processes online or looking at setting up a new company website may like to contact Midlandjobs for some free advice. We’ve been through it all – a couple of times at this stage. And for all of the benefits of going online, there’s no shortage of pitfalls for the uninitiated – a small amount of advice goes a very long way. The sooner you get started, the sooner you reap the rewards. We can be reached anytime at and we’re happy to help.

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Jobseekers: digital Ireland – a safe career bet for the future

If you’ve had enough already of silly season journalism and in particular the over-pessimistic predictions for workers’ futures here, you could do worse than read the Ditigal Ireland supplement released once per month by the Irish Independent (Thursday business edition produced by Silicon Republic). It provides a welcome ray of light through the gloom.

While those poor financial and economic commentators are busy crying into their coffee about the dire state of the nation, our techies seem to be all “brimming with optimism” and basically just getting on with the business of creating jobs. Even at a very local level. And so at a time when many people are considering their career options it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to look beyond a training in the IT sector for long-term job security. There’s a lot to be said for it

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How bad / good is it really? Putting it into some perspective

This seems to be the big question on people’s minds these days. While on the one hand some commentators seem to be delighted to be able to tell us how bad everything is, other’s just seem to be trotting out the mantra that there simply is no economic problem at all and the whole world might just be talking itself into a depression.

The real story is more likely to be somewhere in between. No matter who you believe on this subject, if you simply look  for yourself at the amount of trafic in the main streets of some of our local towns, there is clearly still a lot of economic activity still going on. Which of course there has to be in the normal day-to-day run of things. The world can’t stop turning just because of a down-turn, it never has done. There was also some more good news recently on the labour productivity figures with Ireland in the lead amongst it’s European neighbours. Many people seem to be just working through the credit scare which is the right approach.

Not even the most committed “blue sky” optimist however can talk away the fact that unemployment is on the rise in the Midlands. Despite this, there does remain large numbers of job vacancies. Many of which continue to be stubbornly difficult to fill. Which leads to the question about what sort of unemployment do we have here now? Also how long is it likely to last? If you have recently become unemployed, these questions might be worth considering carefully.

It has been well flagged for a good number of years now that one of the problems with the construction boom was that it channelled too many people (men) into that lucrative sector and away from careers in other more sustainable sectors. In other words it’s likely that the region is by now suffering from a temporary skills mis-match. Consider where is there likely to be growth in the near to mid-term future and then think about whether it would be worth your while re-training or going back to college. In particular keep an eye on the IT area. You might be better making a <well thought-out> decision on this sooner rather than later. If in doubt perhaps you could start by asking for some advice on the subject. Most people do at some stage in their lives.

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Online Recruitment Conference London 08

There was an impressive variety of both speakers and delegates at the Onrec conference in the QE 2 centre Westminster earlier this week. Whether they came from Europe, The UK or the US however, the main issue on people’s minds remains unchanged – the war for talent.


A number of the speakers alluded to it throughout the day; Online recruitment guru Peter Weddle said that from 1993 to 2000 it was a war for any talent – “the first qualified person with a pulse”, is how he put it. From 2000 to 2008 however it has become a war for the best talent.


After lunch Felix Wetzel Marketing Director of Jobsite said the last 10 years were about speed while the next 10 years will be about relevance.  [Any recruiter who has had 100’s of irrelevant cv’s from cyberspace pumped into their inbox can certainly relate to that imperative.]


The day finished with a panel of speakers debating such issues as the importance of social networking and second life in online recruitment. The jury remains out on these and I would say neither are likely to benefit midlands recruiters at this stage. Most significantly of all however was that even as the competition is hotting up in the sector with the advent of aggregators and portals, the regional job-board certainly has it’s place in the minds of the UK experts. And they certainly know their subject. Food for thought…

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120% increase in unique visits to in 12 months

What a difference a year makes. Between April 2007 and April 2008 there has been a dramatic increase in the number of visits to our main website, With April 08 not yet quite closed out, the surge in hits is already more than 120% up on the same month last year.

A report of “referrals” activity (by Urchin) shows that the overwhelming majority of our visits (61%) are direct hits ie. not referred by any other site indicating that the visitor has specifically sought out our service, while Google ranked as the next biggest source of hits at 25% of the entire. The third highest referrer is (7%), with yahoo well down at 1.6 % overall.

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Editorial for this weeks Mullingar Advertiser

In his keynote speech to the Midlands Gateway Chamber ball last Friday night in Mullingar, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary seemed less than concerned about the so-called “economic downturn”. He holds the view that over the past ten years, some people made money in their businesses without being especially good at what they do. [He may have used his trademark, slightly more colourful language to express himself, but that was essentially his point]. He looks forward now to a new more challenging era in business when only the most efficient and competitive business practices will come through.

Online services such as jobs websites offer small local companies a chance to cut their recruitment costs without compromising on their expansion plans. is a jobs website which focuses exclusively on jobs in the Midland counties of Westmeath, Offaly, Longford and Laois. The business which is based in Mullingar is a member of the EWN. They offer local employers the simplest, easiest and most cost effective way to get up and running in the latest online recruitment practices – exactly the kind of formula that O’Leary might have been referring to in his speech.

Any additional online presence is good for a business as it gives them greater exposure to being found by potential customers as well as by local job-seekers in search engines such as Google and Careerjet. For more information on getting your job vacancies listed online quickly and cost effectively, see, or call Tom on 044 9331338.

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Employers: There’s a down-turn in the market so it should be easier to find new staff, right? Wrong…

All the signs are that the extra fluidity in the recruitment scene these days is confined to just a couple of sectors. In other areas the negative sentiment has simply caused people to sit tight. Not as many people who currently have jobs are looking to move at all but are preferring to build up service with their existing employers. [Which is no bad thing]. Therefore if your company is expanding and needs extra staff you could be surprised how few interested candidates there are, or at least ones which match your person specification.

Really, it’s “as you were” out there to all intents and purposes. Recruiters still need plenty of notice if you’re seeking new staff. Ok you could be lucky, but the advice is to allow plenty of lead time for your recruitment deadlines as always ie. not a lot has really changed there. Cover all bases and list your job vacancies in as many places as your budget will allow, both online and offline, particularly for the more technical positions.