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Employers: There’s a down-turn in the market so it should be easier to find new staff, right? Wrong…

All the signs are that the extra fluidity in the recruitment scene these days is confined to just a couple of sectors. In other areas the negative sentiment has simply caused people to sit tight. Not as many people who currently have jobs are looking to move at all but are preferring to build up service with their existing employers. [Which is no bad thing]. Therefore if your company is expanding and needs extra staff you could be surprised how few interested candidates there are, or at least ones which match your person specification.

Really, it’s “as you were” out there to all intents and purposes. Recruiters still need plenty of notice if you’re seeking new staff. Ok you could be lucky, but the advice is to allow plenty of lead time for your recruitment deadlines as always ie. not a lot has really changed there. Cover all bases and list your job vacancies in as many places as your budget will allow, both online and offline, particularly for the more technical positions.

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