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Employers – Don’t listen to the meeja; do your own research

As you sit down to work out what your staffing requirements will be for this year, don’t be swayed by all the negative talk on the airwaves these days. For sure there will be a certain correction in activity levels. But it will be just that “a correction”, not a catastrophe. It will be more of a “readjustment” which in one sense has been almost needed to free up some of the bottle-necks of the past few years.

Perhaps you might believe that there are serious problems whenever the day comes that employer’s inboxes are full of cv’s from workers who have all been made redundant. However that day is nowhere close right now, click here for proof. In fact I doubt there will ever be a return to those levels of mismanagement of Ireland inc. In other words be prepared for the worst by all means, but if this year turns out to be better than is being predicted and you still need the same or higher levels of staff in 2008/2009, don’t say you weren’t warned.

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