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Sorry my poor Dublin friends for rubbing ye’re noses in it. Not intentional except these reports remind me how much I don’t miss Dublin living. My idea of hell… When this happens in the country it hardly causes any traffic chaos.  A clear cut reason to set up your office in the Midlands region if ever there was one.

Trafic Chaos

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This is real local democracy in action. We know that in fact “all” politics is local. Anyone interested in how their local representatives will perform on business and “employment” issues should attend before they cast their vote on Friday 23rd May. Congratulations to Pat Whelan, Mullingar Chamber President for arranging this on behalf of the Chamber’s members and it must be said, fair play to the candidates for agreeing to take part. Open to the public. Click pic to enlarge, or click here to go to Chamber Website

Election Debate

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Quite a few office admin roles coming up at present. Here’s the latest based in Mullingar..

Job Title Office/Accounts Administrator
Sector Secretarial & Administration
Salary Salary negotiable
Town/City Mullingar
Job Type Part-Time
Job Description Part time position for experienced Administrator,
The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:
• Customer service • Accounts (package used in office is QuickBooks, however experience in Sage/Redbooks is also an advantage) • Microsoft Office ( including Word,- essential, PowerPoint and Excel – non essential)
Role includes: Creditor account input VAT reconciliation Monthly Bank Reconciliation Monthly production of debtors statements Supplier account reconciliation Customer Service correspondence via Email and telephone. Ordering from Suppliers Holiday cover Other duties as outlined by management
Please forward your applications to martina at

Alternatively click here to apply


US Office




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#BannerAds – Visitor numbers YTD

Here’s a snapshot of 2013 year to date traffic analysis for the main website. Google still by far the biggest source of website traffic with  hits from Indeed also notably on the increase. Roll on 2014. Great value in banner ads for January – email


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Search Engine Optimisation – Midlands Link-Building Exchange

If you work in the Midlands and you look after your company’s website, you might be interested in arranging a link swap with This aspect of search engine optimisation still features in all lists of top ten tips.

So what’s the point of it, how does it work and what do I need to do?

The point of it is that a link from to the website of your locally based company is seen by Google as a sort of endorsement of your website, and therefore your company, it’s products and services. You would then in turn set up a link from your website to, the more links we all have to one another, the better our ranking in Google. Simples.

To do this just send me an email to including the details of where to find the link to and I will then in turn set up a link back to your site from Midlandjobs’ “Useful Links” page. I’d be more than happy to try to help boost traffic to your site and it makes good sense.

Jobs Content Feed

If you are interested in including a section on your website which shows details of local employment vacancies we can also easily set this up. For details of where to find this link to Midlandjobs, see our section on Free Jobs Feed


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Job aggregator – Impressive

Here’s a vacancy which was only added this morning to the site and already it has been picked up and listed by – See pic below 4th listing from the top – Trainee Baker. Inadvertently this enables the smaller job-boards such as to compete with the bigger players.

It therefore gives the local employer considerably more value listing their vacancies on and gives them a great value opportunity to compete for talent with the larger employers with the big ad budgets to use the Rolls Royce job-boards . See other aggregator sites including,, and which all re-list Midlandjobs’ vacancies.


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Wawwa – “We Are Where We Are” now too. Luckily

Back in the dark old days of 2009,  media commentators and politicians who knew the arse was really falling out of the country used to make light of it all by using the acronym WAWWA – we are where we are. [Funny how they have stopped using that these days]. What’s so funny is that it would be more in their line [de meeja’s that is] to be now revisiting the situation and attempting to draw positive conclusions as to where we actually are right now (April 2013). Admittedly it’s never easy to see a particular connection between the everyday real economy in which most of us lives and the economy which George Lee, David Murphy in RTE and others inhabit and commentate on. But it’s certainly tempting to think that what’s going on at the moment in the ISEQ index of Irish Shares will have to have some positive significance for the year 2013 in the broader sense.


** ref

Here we can see that in March the graph just broke through the 4000 mark for the first time in 5 years. And if you’re not yet convinced about any cause for optimism in this chart, maybe it’s the next pattern which will have more resonance for you. Because it is a real fact that when the ISEQ started tumbling from it’s dizzy heights of close to 6500 in 2008, that’s also when all this pain started to properly effect us in the real economy. The link is therefore proven in this very real-life example which most of us remember only too well. Even the most hardened sceptic of lies damn lies and statistics, eg me, would have to concede that in the medium term this recent upturn  now represents more good news for the Irish economy, than bad. We are where we are, luckily.

Image ** ref

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I love my [new] job!!

Do you enjoy your work? So what do you like about it?

Maybe you’re loving your new job. Maybe you know someone who’s getting on brilliantly in their work and enjoying every minute of it even during these straitened times.  We spend roughly one third of the hours of our days in work. Enjoying work and performing well on the job go together. So we’re interested in hearing about those midlanders who are star performers in their ordinary day-to-day jobs. Not celebrities maybe but heroes on the job in their own right.

Maybe it’s someone who serves you in your local coffee shop everyday or the nurse who goes the extra mile while looking after your elderly relative. Or the forklift driver at work who takes safety seriously but still manages to get through more pallets per day than anyone else.  Please put them in touch with us or drop us an email on where we can catch up with them

PS. best of luck to Offaly hero Shane in the Shell Houston Open this weekend