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Midlandjobs – Selling our region in the Midst of a Cost of Living Crisis

Revellers attending the Mullingar Fleadh, July 2022

It’s only a mere 10 years since the Midlands was considered the “poor relation” of Irish employment and economic growth. The post financial crash era saw the then Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton put in place the National Action Plan for Jobs programme.  Fortunately, the local authorities in the Midlands followed his lead with some vigour and took some very significant steps to improve the attractiveness of the Midlands for employers during this time. Initiatives they took back then, would now appear to have laid the ground for a faster than expected rebound for the Midlands, following the devastation of lock-downs and the pandemic.

Part of the appeal of the Midlands as a place to live and do business, is undoubtedly it’s accessibility to both the Dublin region (particularly Dublin Airport), while at the same time boasting major work-life balance amenities such as the region’s many lakes. The pandemic perhaps highlighted to many people the true advantage of being able to live closer to natural beauty spots – while at the same time, working from home meant that we remained still nonetheless productive as remote workers.

Our secret is out

Dún Na Sí Amenity & Heritage Park, Moate, Co. Westmeath

As Midlanders, we perhaps always knew how lucky we were to have such bustling attractive towns and villages, combined with hillwalking, greenways and lakes readily at our disposal. The only difference now, is that as the pandemic restrictions lifted and with the benefit of campaigns such Ireland’s hidden Heartlands, the Midlands secret is out and everyone else knows about these advantages too.

The success of the Fleadh in Mullingar just shows how ready and open our region has become to receiving vast numbers of visitors. Indeed, some of us might once have scoffed, that Centre Parcs coming to Longford Forest was just big talk which would never actually become a reality. Now not only has it happened, but in 2022 they’re already expanding again! The jobs announcements keep coming too, between the National Science Park in Mullingar proving to be a lightning rod for science and tech opportunities, to say nothing of the expansion of Zoetis in Tullamore and the upgrade of TUS Shannon in Athlone.

The future for the Midlands is bright.

This is all good news for job-seekers and employers alike. The stronger and more positively viewed the profile of the region generally, the higher the likelihood of more inward migration into the region, the more upgrading of local services and amenities such as the Greenways and festivals, new schools and infrastructure. It is looking more and more like the best of all worlds – great place to live and access amenities, yet with good companies and good jobs on offer. And easy access to Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Sligo.

Selling Work Life Balance

In a tight jobs market, Midlandjobs will not be found wanting in the promotion of the Midlands region as a place to live and do business. We would also encourage local hiring managers to highlight the attractions of your area for the benefits that they really are to your job-seeker audience.

In the post-covid era of great resignation and quiet quitting, Midlands employers should use all the geographical and natural advantages they have to attract talent on the move from cities and overseas seeking to avoid higher living costs and to come and settle with their families.

There simply might never be a better time to play the work-life balance card to your hiring advantage.

Stunning Lough Ennell, at Belvedere House & Gardens outside Mullingar
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