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We’ve Improved our Job Alert Options


It’s often said about careers that there are many job titles and fields of expertise now in 2022 that didn’t even exist five years ago, much less 10 years ago. Work, careers, business, science, engineering, technology – all of these arenas are changing and modernising fast.

As a local service to job-seekers and employers of the Midlands, Midlandjobs has the flexibility to be able to customise and adapt our listing fields to suit new jobs and careers as we see new specialisms emerging.

For Job-seekers

We’ve recently added an additional 20 new targeted job categories to our selection fields, such as Robotics, AR/VR, ERP, even Facebook marketing and Google Adwords.

These will allow job-seekers with specific skills to stay informed of new opportunities by receiving job alerts by email relevant to their job search. In particular, you will be in a position to know about new jobs within commuting distance of where you live.

Scroll down to the bottom of our homepage and sign up for Job alerts today.

For Employers

With Facebook pay-per-click advertising narrowing the options for advertisers to target job-seekers by job title, Midlandjobs’ highly targeted job alerts can provide a viable alternative, offering combinations of job category + location to trigger accurate notifications from our database.




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