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New to the Midlands ?? – Here are some local job-seeker resources

If you’re looking for some good local printed listings of jobs, here are the main ones – Tullamore Tribune, Westmeath Examiner (Mullingar), Westmeath Independent (Athlone), Offaly Independent, Offaly Express (includes jobs in Laois), Westmeath Topic, Longford News, the Mullingar / Athlone Advertiser. Also National papers including Irish Independent on Thursdays, Irish Times on Fridays and Sunday Indpendent.

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Employers: Tech-check your business

The enterprise boards currently have an excellent service on offer for companies who wish to assess their use of IT. Information and communications technology is developing at such a fast pace that it is difficult for companies to keep up with the pace of change – you might find that there are infinitely quicker, easier and more cost effective ways of doing things than the practices you currently have in place. The advisor is an independent person and the whole thing only takes a day at most. Well worth looking into. Contact Westmeath CEB, Aileen McGrath 044 9349222 or email and Offaly CEB, Margaret O’Farrell 057 9352971 or email

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The recruitment times they are a-changing

Things are definitely changing in recruitment. The challenge for most companies who have regular vacancies is no longer filtering out volumes of applications which they receive, but more how to get enough relevant applications in the first place.

On the plus-side for recruiters, there are so many more options available to them now which were simply not available even 10 years ago. In response to the difficulties faced by many companies in resourcing new staff, countless new recruitment agencies and jobs websites are touting for the business of local employers.

You are unlikely to deal with all of the various service providers. However it is a good idea to give them a hearing and possibly even meet with a few carefully selected consultants and advertisers. Particularly where you have regular requirements. Spread the load across perhaps a number of specialists in various industry sectors and locations, both traditional media and internet sites. Savvy employers are now wheeling and dealing with a raft of outfits so as to ensure their needs are met whenever they come under pressure to get staff.

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Moving out of Dublin

Many people who are looking for jobs in the Midlands region can be a little “at sea” when it comes to finding out information about local jobs, employers and recruiters. In fact they need lots of information about all sorts of other subjects as well. Those who have come through the whole process already may have something useful to say to help others who haven’t yet moved.