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Avoid the hiring pit-falls

A guide for new companies with limited recruitment experience. Here are a few of the pit-falls to watch out for:

  1. Not allowing enough time: It can take roughly 6 weeks for all advertising, interviewing and then a notice period for the successful candidate’s current employer. (It can take a lot longer if it’s a specialized or technical job).

  2. Publicity: Don’t presume suitably qualified candidates will come flocking to your door. Put the word out through both traditional press and online media and do it in good time. Include local agencies in your search if your budget allows and certainly contact them if you’re getting closer to your deadline.

  3. Paper doesn’t refuse ink: Prepare well for your interview questioning. While it doesn’t need to be an interrogation session, some cv’s can be spiced up – you’ve got to tactfully tease out fact from fiction.

  4. Candidate handling: Treat all candidates as though they are valued regardless of how irrelevant their application seems. New opportunities may arise for them in the future. Also it’s nicer to be nice and it’s better for your PR. Modern forward-thinking companies have all this down to a fine art.

  5. Prepare an adequate job description: This is now always essential for almost any job as it will set out the very purpose of the role. It should be referred to early and often during the selection process and it should contain a catch-all phrase such as “and any other relevant duties as required by Management”. Thinking this through properly now can save you so much time, hassle and money in the long run.

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