Guest Blog Posting

Do we allow guest blogs? Yes we do. However, we have pretty strict guidelines, read on.

  • Article posting on
  • Article should be relevant to Careers, Jobs, Recruitment, Working, HR, Ireland, EU, Business or similar related categories.  The article should not be overtly promoting a product or service, keep it informative. If in doubt check with us.
  • We may further promote the article if the content is relevant and supportive to our audience. This will be at our discretion. i.e. Quality and Relevance will be rewarded.
  • One or possibly two normal web links are allowed (i.e. do follow), but no gambling, adult, or low reputation sites etc. We don’t include a ‘sponsored’  tag.
  • Images are welcomed, however, ensure they are of size and resolution appropriate to the web article.
  • Our Process:
    1. Send article outline and site link,
    2. Pre approval,
    3. Send full article text and final link,
    4. Full approval,
    5. We send Invoice
    6. Verified Payment (Credit Card or PayPal),
    7. Article is Posted.
  • We reserve the right to remove or edit the article if it becomes a source of valid complaint(s) or contains misleading/erroneous information.
  • Price 50 Euro+VAT to cover review and admin costs