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HSE Individual Placement and Support for qualified candidates

Seeking Candidates For Your Jobs? 

Why not try your local HSE IPS services for qualified and motivated candidates. 

The HSE IPS (Individual Placement and Support) employment service is an evidence based approach integrated into many Community Adult Mental Health teams nationally. As Employment Specialist’s we work with people who attend our services with their employment processes; CVs, interview preparation, job search etc. including engaging with local employers. 

We work on a job match basis, where we match our clients to a job they are qualified to do, capable of doing and a good fit for the culture and environment of the organisation they are joining. We work alongside employers to ensure the client integrates well into the organisation, and continue to work with both client and organisation after placement to ensure a successful career. 

Our candidates are motivated to work and want paid, competitive employment that anyone can apply for. We are seeking open, inclusive employers willing to work with local people to support them to get back into employment after a period of ill-health. 

We are a free community based service, supporting people and businesses within the community to build successful working relationships. 

An example of the sort of skilled people we work with are as follows

Role Location Candidate Overview
Architect Technician Westmeath/West Dublin 10+ years’ experience, Has worked on large commercial and residential projects
Accountant Westmeath 20+ years’ experience, working in commercial and private sector
Administrative Assistant Westmeath/Offaly Third level degree, 5+ year working in commercial businesses
Qualified Horticulturist Westmeath/Offaly 5+ years’ experience working in some of Ireland most well-known gardens, Manual Handling, SafePass, Hard and Soft Landscaping exp.
Production Operative Westmeath/Offaly 20 years’ experience, Strong work history, motivated worker
Sales Assistant Westmeath 6 + year’ experience in hospitality industry. A people person with excellent customer service skills and reliable work history
Warehouse Operative Westmeath/Meath Experience working in both Administration and Operative roles. Experienced, reliable and motivated

If any employers want to know more about our services, we are happy to meet with your team to discuss further. We have two local Employment Specialists in the midlands; 

Mullingar – Mary-Ann Keena 087 7691133 | 

Portlaoise – Susan Stevenson 087 600 4003 |  

We can also connect you to any of the other 40 Employment Specialist working nationwide.