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Online Recruitment Conference London 08

There was an impressive variety of both speakers and delegates at the Onrec conference in the QE 2 centre Westminster earlier this week. Whether they came from Europe, The UK or the US however, the main issue on people’s minds remains unchanged – the war for talent.


A number of the speakers alluded to it throughout the day; Online recruitment guru Peter Weddle said that from 1993 to 2000 it was a war for any talent – “the first qualified person with a pulse”, is how he put it. From 2000 to 2008 however it has become a war for the best talent.


After lunch Felix Wetzel Marketing Director of Jobsite said the last 10 years were about speed while the next 10 years will be about relevance.  [Any recruiter who has had 100’s of irrelevant cv’s from cyberspace pumped into their inbox can certainly relate to that imperative.]


The day finished with a panel of speakers debating such issues as the importance of social networking and second life in online recruitment. The jury remains out on these and I would say neither are likely to benefit midlands recruiters at this stage. Most significantly of all however was that even as the competition is hotting up in the sector with the advent of aggregators and portals, the regional job-board certainly has it’s place in the minds of the UK experts. And they certainly know their subject. Food for thought…

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