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Job seeking tip – 3. Your CV

Think of your cv as the agenda for the interviews which you will be attending later on in the process. Imagine someone who might be an experienced and tough interviewer and imagine the sorts of questions they could ask you about your cv. This will help you to focus on keeping it relevant, truthful and to the point. Prepare a general cv format first, save it and start researching jobs you are interested in. Then alter the basic version slightly to suit the job type if necessary, as long as the changes are relevant and factual. Save each version and refer back to it if you get called for an interview later.

Try and be objective when evaluating the job you’ve done on your own cv. Imagine you’re a complete stranger and trying to work out what sort of job the owner of your cv is trying to find. It should be completely obvious. If not, ask why it isn’t then remove any details from it which add any confusion.

Don’t get too hung up on design, but avoid tables, boxes, complicated logos and even photos as these things can clog up emails. In general, start with your most recent work or study and go back in reverse chronological order. Two pages should do it. Don’t waffle.

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