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Job-seeking tips – 1. “Don’t Panic!”

People find themselves on the jobs market for a whole load of different reasons – usually through no fault of their own. When you do, it can be a daunting enough experience to be faced with having to find new work.

It doesn’t have to be though and the number 1 tip anyone can ever give you in such situations is that famous Douglas Adams-ism… “Don’t Panic!!”.

For sure this is easier said than done, especially if you feel under pressure to pay bills – we’ve all been there.

It becomes even more important at times like this to think your job-search through and not just run at it blindly. It is difficult no doubt to think clearly if you’re totally stressed out. But failure to plan your strategy early on can often result in your falling into traps in the later stages. Possibly even putting you right back to where you started. It’s as crucial as that.

In a series of tips (hopefully one or two per week if I get time) we’ll work through the simple steps to successfully getting you back working again.

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