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A word on listings – both offline and online

In the early nineties I used to walk for several blocks of durty Dublin just to pick up the latest copy of the Event Guide . There was a lot going on entertainment-wise in the capital even back then – enough to fill a decent tabloid-sized free newspaper full of listings.

In that era also, jobs in the Midlands were few and far between which is why so many of us used hop on Kearns’ bus every Sunday night to get back to the city for work on Monday. Move forward a decade and a half and the big magnet in the East is finally losing it’s pulling power over us. Or maybe it’s that the main attractions are closer to home now (or maybe a bit of both). Cheaper living, better quality of life and higher standards locally with everything you will need on your doorstep, entertainments included.

One way or another, the wheel has gone full circle and there is already enough jobs on offer in the Midlands to warrant an inclusive listing of the best vacancies with the best local employers. Nowadays the most practical format for a listing is online, offering easy access from anywhere, free to view and with simple search and match capabilities… just watch this space.

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